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What advances have been made in the discussion of data protection law?

by Digital Rights LAC on September 19, 2023


One of the most long- awaited legal reforms in Chile concerns the law which regulates the protection of private life, owing to the inefficient way in which the current law operates. After more than one polarised debate, the new bill continues its passage through parliament and here we report some (…)  Leer Artículo »

The bill to regulate video games in Chile: is there any point at this stage?

by Digital Rights LAC on September 19, 2023


A law to regulate video games is on the point of being approved six years after the process first began. The biggest problem with it is that the technologies and the cultural context have changed to such a degree that it is no longer necessary. By Francisco Vera* At the (…)  Leer Artículo »

The neutrality of the internet in Chile: Too much sophistication for SUBTEL?

by Digital Rights LAC on August 27, 2023


The neutrality of the internet in Chile is not much better now than it was three years ago, when there was no law in this regard. A large part of the responsibility for this can be laid at the door of the regulatory authority SUBTEL, which appears not to have (…)  Leer Artículo »

An evaluation of the net neutrality law in Chile

by Digital Rights LAC on July 17, 2023

Alberto Cerda

Chile was the first country in the world in adopting a law on net neutrality. Three years later, numbers on the telecommunications market suggests its positive effects, but it does not appear to be completely effective for consumers. By Alberto Cerda, NGO Derechos Digitales. Nearly after three years from adopting (…)  Leer Artículo »

On the parody on Twitter: lessons to learn

by Digital Rights LAC on July 17, 2023

Daniel Alvarez

A powerful Chilean industralist sued for identity theft to a Twitter user. Months later, after extensive public controversy, the case was definitively dismissed. In the light of the behavior of the police and the companies involved, it is time to review the lessons learned. By Daniel Álvarez, NGO Derechos Digitales. (…)  Leer Artículo »

Chilean bill on personal data protection is a setback for people and businesses

by Digital Rights LAC on June 10, 2023

Datos Personales_Chile

The bill attempts to solve deficient protection for the right to privacy, to remove barriers for international transference of data, and to harmonize domestic law with international standards. But, the bill fails each of its purposes. Por Alberto Cerda, ONG Derechos Digitales. In 1999, Chile became the first Latin American (…)  Leer Artículo »