“Nº27 09/2015”

Surveillance balloons: How much are we willing to give up in order to feel safer?

by Digital Rights LAC on October 27, 2023

lac 2015 octubrej

That’s the big question behind new surveillance technology implemented by two Santiago City municipalities who are now being questioned for threatening, among other rights, against the neighbors privacy.

Electronic vote, not a solution

by Digital Rights LAC on October 27, 2023


The 2015 Argentine election cycle uncovered the shortcomings left by the citizenship mistrust. The breaking point was Tucumán’s electoral process, loaded with clientelism, violence and cheats. Looking at this shameful spectacle, a claim raises: the adoption of a electronic voting system,

Draft Bill 215/2015, infanticide to the newly-born digital rights in Brazil

by Digital Rights LAC on October 27, 2023


“PL Espião” reintroduces a regulatory and punitive agenda for Internet that seemed to have stayed in the past and that was a launching element for the articulation of a regulation focused in the civil sphere.

Trolls and access to rights: the #AxanDecide case

by Digital Rights LAC on October 27, 2023


By claiming his son’s right to education, a mother has being exiled and threatened with death. Trolls are to blame. Online and offline, we are in need of education, sensitization and debate to be able to deal with all of this rage.

AbreLatam/ConDatos: the Latin America’s open data community

by Digital Rights LAC on October 27, 2023


The regional meeting revolving open data -who invites public in general, government officials, academics, entrepreneurs and journalists- had their third edition; now the challenges are present in different ways, but they move forward one step at a time.